Welcome to Countryside at Vero Beach HOA

zBb2uPTUuuDgtMqo.jpegxpESIseW9Pcszrl6.jpegThe Homeowners Association (HOA) of Countryside is a volunteer group with an elected board of directors consisting of nine homeowner representatives.  Our mission is to represent the interests of homeowners and enhance the quality of life in our community.  Our aim is to be a community of neighbors working together to achieve a high quality of life and a desirable place to live by residents and non-residents alike.  We encourage and support neighbors who voluntarily work together to promote the spirit of respect, caring, community, family, and friends.  As fellow homeowners, we share the same motivation to ensure the rights of all homeowners.

2024 HOA Board
                President, Steve Sheehan                                  Director, Tom Carboni
                Vice President, Keith Manley                             Director, William Hubert Jr
                Secretary, Jeanette Lynn                                   Director, Richard Muentener
                Treasurer, Joanne Hoffman-Hagge                      Director, Mary Muentener
                                                                                        Director, Vicki Sheehan